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Our Process – hand crafted lattes

State of the art espresso machine

All of our lattes are made on our Synesso S200.  With this machine we are able to control every aspect of the extraction process.  We are able to adjust the length of time we are able to pre infuse the puck of ground coffee, which ensures the coffee is completely extracted and maximizes the flavor that our roaster has worked so hard to perfect.  In addition to the pre infusion we also are able to control the total amount of water that will flow through each shot.  This degree of precision allows us to ensure every shot of our espresso tastes the way it is intended to and allows you to enjoy every sip!!

Hand Crafted Perfection

Fair trade and organic coffee beans

Stop by and treat yourself today!


In addition to our state of the art espresso machine, we’ve recently upgraded our grinder as well.  Our new grinder is an automatic grinder that will give us 18 grams of freshly ground coffee that is freshly ground prior to extraction.  This allows us to ensure we are providing a correctly dosed latte for every drink.  Every 18 grams of espresso yields a 36 to 38 gram “double” shot.


*Please note in our 12oz hot lattes we CURRENTLY are splitting that shot in 1/2 for an 18 to 19 gram “single” shot.

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Puq Press

This is the last piece of our latte making puzzle.  In smaller cafes where drinks are made by hand, you will see baristas hand tamping the freshly ground espresso.  The amount to pressure applied will greatly impact the end result.  We’ve switched to using a puq press which allows us to ensure every shot is tamped with the same amount of pressure.  This way your drink will taste the same no matter when you stop in!

Multiple milk options

Whether you are opting for a hot, iced or blended drink we have multiple milk options.

Our standard milk we use for all drinks is whole milk.

Looking for less calories?  Ask us to use skim milk.

Need a non dairy alternative?  Ask us for Oat or Almond milk.

Looking for a sugar free option?  Ask us to use Heavy Cream

Looking for something else?  We constantly review what milk we offer, if you have a milk you’d like to see us add feel free to let us know.

Whole or skim

Heavy Cream or Half and Half

Dairy alternatives